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Unexpected {emotional} Weight

This weekend I went away with one of my friends for an early celebration of her birthday.  I went with a haunted locale, Salem, as this is right up her alley.

What I did not expect was how emotionally draining it would be to listen to the stories of how the people in this town had died.  

They were killed after being found to be “witches”.  In truth, the accused died because they lived a life that was on the fringe of the society around them.  They died because of greed; once they were accused their possessions, land, etc. were taken away.

We also learned that while they were jailed they were fined for room and meals.  If they were determined not to be witches, they still owed that money! 

I felt a strong connection to the accused and the kind of lives they went on to live or didn’t go on to live for twenty of them. 

Dorothy “Dorcus” Good, was the youngest of the victims.  While she was not executed, her mental state after he release was impacted for the rest of her life.  Which does not appear to have been a long one.

I started thinking of my own mortality, that of my children’s and just how precious and out of control it can really be.  As you can imagine, this did a number on my death and dying anxiety.  By the time I went to bed, I really needed to do some work to avoid full on panic.

I have had a number of people ask me if I had fun on my Salem trip.  The answer is, I enjoyed my time with my friend.  But can one truly have fun when it is secured exclusively on the deaths of innocents?

The haunts for the weekend:

{I’ll write up my experiences later}

The Hawthorne Hotel

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Ghosty Info

The Turner’s Seafood

Restaurant Info

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Salem Night Tour

Evening ghost tour info

The house of 7 gables 

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