Here and now,  Mental Health and Eternal Grief

To anywhere, with love.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I didn’t want to feel like I was trying to meet some goal and then ultimately, fail that goal.  I wanted to do something healthier that would lead to an easy permanent part of my life.

You probably read all about it in the growth tractory post.

I chose to try  and repel negative energy.  Sometimes that means making the way to the door and leaving things and people behind.  Sometimes that means speaking your truth.  Talking about what hurts you and hoping that people can respect that.

I chose prioritizing my mental health.  Keeping up with my vitamins, my happy light, journaling, reading, etc.

Lastly, t-t-t-t-raveling in 2019!  Making time and room for that part of my life that I have truly treasured over the years.  Before kids I would accept any reason to get on a plane and GO!  Sure, most of my visits were to Ireland, who cares?

There will be no week long trips here!  This gal is going on mini adventures.  2020 is looking like my big trip year.

I have a few plane rides this year to a mix of new and previously visited destinations.  We also have some longer car trips planned with the kids.  They love an adventure too!

Some of these adventures are getaways with my greatest friends. These I am looking forward to the most.  I am traveling with two gals who know that my travel style includes food and lots of it!  And we mean business – we will look at menus months in advance.

AND BECAUSE WHY NOT!  I am going to a LAST MINUTE Broadway show with one of my bests.

That last bit is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.  As much as I love an adventure… I simply do not love a last minute adventure.  If it doesn’t have a plan, I don’t want to hear about it.  If I didn’t get two weeks minimum to make the mental space for it, couldn’t even entertain it.

Guys, I am winging it.  As much as winging it can be for knowing 2 days in advance.

Anxiety be damned, we are out here doing things in 2019!

PS.  I love hearing when I am not alone.  And there is no way that I am!  Drop me a line on my contact form (see menu above) or comment 🙂

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