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The story of ol’ downer on 12V

It could be worse

I could have been told that my child was abnormally underweight but I was told that she is in the 39th percentile for her weight group but that is normal for her specific development.

I could have sewage backing up from the toilets and or sinks but I was told that this would never happen with our sewage system, even if it was backing up into the basement (which it was until 4 hours ago).

I could be told I actually had cancer but instead I’m having a random mammogram (yes, at 26).

So, although it’s really hard to look on the bright side sometimes.. YOU JUST GOTTA!

Because if you are always a Debbie Downer;

Your friends will dislike you

Your husband will leave you

Your kids won’t look up to you

Your twenty cats will eventually eat your innards 

You will be found innardsless by your mailman

Who saw your door was open

Who smelled sewage and possibly body decay

Who is nosy

Just like you were

Before you became

Scary Mrs. Debbie Downer whose family hates her, who lives with twenty cats and who throws rocks at passerby’s.  

Now, I just gotta keep telling myself that story for the next twenty days and then for however long it takes to get my results back after that.  Just twenty days.  No big deal.  Nothing to freak out about.  Right, RIGHT?!

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