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Pink hair is a mood

For approximately two years, my hair stylist was putting in little highlights of pink in my hair.  Something subtle so that I could get accustomed to the idea.

Change is kind-of not my thing

One day, while getting ready for an upcoming vacation, I decided that I should go pink in preparation of the “most fun” place on earth.  A friend of mine was available for the last minute appointment and badda bing badda boom, PINK FRIGGIN’ HAIR.

My short affair with this hue lasted somewhere between 2-6 weeks.  In that time, I learned that pink hair is a mood.

People meeting me for the first time had and expectation and it was:

Outgoing – Bubbly – Sassy – Bold

I am one of those things and that is, the ever-so-obvious, sassy!  Ultimately, not even my hair color could convert me from being an emotional and anxiety-riddled introvert.  In fact, the color and the expectation were increasing my anxiety.

Sometimes I pick-up books that are vibrant only to find that their content is subdued. I make a snap judgement and more often than not, I’m wrong.  This is what I encountered repeatedly when meeting new people.  A flash of, “I’ve got your number” quickly followed by, “Oh, I think this number is missing a digit”.

{Peeps, I love weird examples}

If I could embody the spirit of pink hair, I would totally rock it forever.  #MillennialPinkOrBust is basically my motto.

I suppose the bigger hurdle here is not that I can’t rock the hair. It’s that I don’t embody the type of personality that can shake-off that seeming disappointment.

How does one become that type of personality?  Is there a TED talk for this?

Feel free to message me and let me know that I’m 1. Not alone and that 2. You’ve got a game plan for me to kick this thing in the butt!

PS.  I’ve gone brunette.  Now that is a mood I can handle.

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