Here and now,  Mental Health and Eternal Grief

New year, New wellness routine

Stopping in to do a mental wellness update!

I have found myself being really excited about my small routine lately.  The steps I take are certainly no magic cure-all for depression.  However, I do feel “maintained” in a healthy way.  There’s no feeling of being on the edge and it’s such a nice break from how heavy everything felt Oct-Dec.

These small items add up to approximately 2-hours a day of self care.  Something which feels entirely indulgent when you are so accustomed to caring for everyone else.

This is my list of 6 things that make me feel cherished and taken care of by my favorite gal 😉

  • Taking vitamin D and vitamin B12
  • Reading a chapter a day
  • Picking up the bedroom
  • Flossing 2-3x a day (the night time one is my fave!)
  • Jade rolling my neck and face
  • Sitting by my happy light for 30-minutes at bedtime

I have been following the same routine for approximately 3 weeks now.  By the time I start jade rolling, the sleepiness creeps in.  I am prepped for bed so much sooner and I find that I am getting more sleep as a result.

I am not saying this routine will work for everyone.  However, having a routine that makes you feel special can make a positive impact in your day-to-day.  And we can all use a little of that!

I would love to hear what works for you – what makes you feel cherished?  Maybe there’s something I can snag for my own routine!

Fique bem|Be well

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