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I have been writing in this blog intermittently for eight years.  I used to feel guilty about the frequency but now I recognize that this is the format that works best for me. 

Writing is my therapy and I have found that feeling guilty about something that takes you out of your darkness, is a waste of energy.  

When I originally started here, I wrote about my new house and all of the fun domestic things that come with it.  It evolved into more as I started realizing how much positive impact it had on my mental health.  

I have covered many topics and I have found that people relate and feel a sense of peace knowing they are not alone.  We are very much not alone in many if not all aspects of our lives – it certainly feels it though.

I am happy to be right there with you.  I hope you also find yourself less alone as you travel through “the things that were” and the things that are.




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