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Behind on the 13

There has been this “craze” all over facebook.  Providing people with a certain number of things to share, about themselves, that others may not know.  I accidentally liked a friend’s status (I liked the items she listed) and I was assigned the number thirteen.  I didn’t want to keep it going and since I share so much already, I thought maybe the people of the internet already knew all there is to know about me.

But I’m an over sharer and decided to go forward with it.

1.  I grew up thinking I was adopted

2.  I’ve had many nicknames:  maya, pecosa, flaca, mei mei and Iomy.  Those are the nice ones 😉

3.  I weighed 95 lbs and under, all through school.  When I graduated I started putting on weight.  At 115lbs I thought I was pretty heavy.  It didn’t help that I had a friend who made me feel like I was.  I now realize I wasn’t and that not all friendships are destined to last forever.

(BTW – I don’t know why I weighed so little)

4. I’m no longer 115 lbs.

5. My mom used to ask me if I’d just eaten parakeet food during extreme hyper moments. I was hyper a lot.

6. I actually have tried bird food.

7. A friend and I once called the white out company as a prank. We got some sort of voicemail system and alluded to us being high off of white out. We weren’t high. We then felt guilty, called back, and left a message stating it was a prank.

8. I’m notoriously bad at pranking.

9. I don’t like lying to people. I find it best to just go ahead and be honest. Which has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion.

10. I’m also terrible at talking to people about situations so the honesty comes out like bitchy douchebagery.

11. I live my life wanting not to care about things and pretend not to. I can often times be found having a good cry over the things “I don’t care about”.

12. I’m not an easy person to be friends with. I break plans, I don’t call, I always want to be right, I like things my way, etc.

13. Flip side, I care a lot about those friends I’m closest to. I worry about them like they’re my “blood”. I include them in the well wishes and positive energy I send Into the world. I love them tremendously.

So if you want to share in the comments, do. If you don’t, well…don’t 🙂


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