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And You? Podcast – Ep 04

Hola friends!

We recorded our fourth episode of And You? Podcast. I totally did not keep track of the time this week – in any way – and that will be obvious when you listen! We’re kind of assuming you will stop when you are done listening anyway. So just think of it as a choose your own adventure podcast 😉

We posed quite a few questions for you in the podcast and are looking for answers! I will follow-up with some instagram and facebook posts – just in case you forget.

We made some changes in how we are talking. And by that I mean, we tried not to be so excited that we spoke over each other – enjoy that while it lasts. We are excitable people!

Stay tuned for some photos and bios on Instagram of each of our podcast contributors. I didn’t run this by them and they are officially reading this plan now – holla!

Click on the ep4 image above to go to our soundcloud clip!

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to connect with us, we love it 🙂

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