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Ancestry Search: Paternal breakthrough? Vol. 1

A quick little ancestry bio on me:

  • Parents deceased
  • Paternal grandmother deceased
  • Paternal grandfather unknown, potentially deceased
  • Maternal grandmother alive
  • Maternal grandfather alive

I have joined my sister in the path of ancestry discovery.  She has been working on an extensive family tree  for quite some time now.  I recently mustered up the guts.. actually mostly just saliva.. and submitted it to the provider of her choice.  I had used just a month before and it really didn’t seem like there would be any surprises.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. We matched with a first cousin (potentially once removed) who lives in Midwestern USA.  His lineage does not readily appear to cross into Puerto Rico, so where do we link up?

There’s a story that he grew up with about a grandfather who fathered a child prior to marriage.  We are waiting on some follow-up answers.  Until then we are only left with the whispers from his side and some from ours.

You see, we grew up with some stories too.  Our grandmother had a variety of tales all seemingly unconfirmed until now.

We have one living relative, an aunt, who is our only paternal tie now.  I have turned to her for assistance but unfortunately, she seems to know less than we do.

My paternal grandmother was an indescribable personality but I wouldn’t put it past her to have known the whole story and held on to it just to fuck with them.  Unfortunately, this means that she took their ties to the grave.

I have asked my aunt to consider taking a DNA test through  Outside of her doing this, we have nothing to connect the pieces.

These DNA kits have given us ties far greater than we could have imagined but left us with a lot of questions and a spotlight in places of our lives that already felt pretty confusing.

For now, this is where this story ends.

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