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Ancestry Search: Paternal breakthrough? Vol. 2

If you’re just tuning in, I would read Vol. 1 first

Otherwise, welcome back!

It has been, what can only be described as, a whirlwind few days.  Upon further research and communication with the man who came up on our DNA matches, we have an uncle! {for reference: we matched at 956}

That’s right, my dad and our DNA match are half brothers.

Their father was stationed at Roosevelt Roads at the time of my dad’s conception and finished his service a month before my dad was born.  Given what we know from my grandmother and the “stories”, it sounds like his dad never knew about him.

This has left me with a slew of emotions that I am processing in my own way.  More on that some other time.

On behalf of my dad, I feel a great sense of loss.  He was such a great dad…  He cherished his relationships with people and put himself out there.  I would have loved for him to have a family where that could be reciprocated.

We are working on getting to know this new “branch” of the family and have exchanged some emails (with photos) back and forth.  It’s interesting how some things just get passed down and aren’t necessarily learned.  I can speak on this more later!

Our next steps are to continue to learn more about our DNA match.  As well as to research the circumstances behind my dad’s adoption.  It’s a mystery to us and we would like to understand and get some closure. If not for us but for our dad and his new extended family.

I will try to update in a Vol. 3 as soon as possible but there will be a lapse in time.  This is heart heavy and labor intensive work.

PS. We also matched some first and second cousins on the new line!  Hooray for DNA testing, everyone should do it!

PPS.  I am using image and info from the genetic genealogist.  It has been incredibly helpful!

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